Evidence in My Writing

In this post I will be thinking about and analyzing evidence in writing.

Where do my ideas come from?

My ideas come from research based upon my quilt panel and personal experiences that I have seen in my life.

  • Ethos
  • Logos

I need to make sure to use quality sources to lend to my ethos. The way I use the sources lends to my ethos.

Using an example of another website I will be looking at the “introduction” and “policies” sections and writing a review.

The introduction does a good job of linking the panel to the broader topic of U.S. service members with HIV/AIDS and explains it well. It also does a good job to normalize the subject of the quilt as an everyday person so it is relatable and empathetic. Their was a lot of statistical information already in the introduction, and it was backed up with links to that information as well. I would have liked to see information on people who were not LGB as well but this does narrow it down and make the study better. I would have also liked to see a thesis and conclusions on what was gained from this cite and what you can learn in the introduction. The author uses a lot of evidence in the entirety of the post, in the “policies” section almost the entire text is evidence of the case being presented. This boosts the ethos of this argument for me knowing that this is not all opinionated writing but actual information that is based upon experts writings.

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