Starting my Annotated Bibliography

McClure, Daniel Robert. (2016). Who Will Survive In America: Gil Scott Heron, the Black Radical Tradition, and the Critique of Neoliberalism. In Michael Mitchell & David Covin (Ed.), Broadening the Contours in the Study of Black Politics (pp. 3-20). New York, NY: Transaction Publishers

Daniel Robert McClure, a hisrory professor at California State University, Fullerton, asserts that “Gil Scott-Heron is an important literary figure from the Black radical tradition, as his records provide an important extension of the legacies of Black Power and the Black Arts Movement into the post-civil rights era.” The author provides over two pages of evidence including books, magazines, newspaper articles, and websites. This evidence comes from primary sources such as Gil Scott-Heron’s work and secondary sources such as Business Week. McClure’s purpose in writing this article is to provide information and inspire thought on the lives of African American Politics, in this case Gil Scott-Heron. The audience McClure intended is for people who are interested in or involved in the attainment in knowledge regarding African American politics. This information can also be useful to people interested in music because of the background of Gil Scott, one who is interned in history and the progression of racism civil rights.