Thick Description Introduction and Example

Primary source: Data authors generate themselves

Secondary Source: Reporting someone’s point f view about data already generated

The definition from Cognitive Edge: “Geertz described the practice of thick description as a way of providing cultural context and meaning that people place on actions, words, things, etc. Thick descriptions provide enough context so that a person outside the culture can make meaning of the behavior.”

Objective: Black and white picture, what appears to be a stone wall is in the background with wires and a shelf containing coffee mugs.  Styrofoam cups and a rate schedule showing the dollar values of answers with a side note saying “dumb looks are still free”. Health inspection rating score of a 89. A sassy picture with a zebra letting customers know that “this is not burger king and you will not have it your way” A lady, with a t-shirt and hair up, looking as if someone had just yelled her name and gotten her attention.

The picture