Finding a source for Unit 2

In this post I will be using the answers from my previous post to make research questions and find a source that relates to my subculture.

Research Questions

  • How was Pan-African culture effected in the late 20th century?
  • Did Pan-Afirican culture become prevalent in the late 1900’s?
  • How has Pan-African culture evolved up to today?


Brittanica Source

Kuryla, P. (2016, April). Pan Africanism.

This Brittanica source will be really helpful to me because it provide a lot of history on how Pan-Africanism has evolved and how it started. It provides links to key word terms so that I can do even more research. This page helped me to find synonyms to the word “Pan-Afrcanism” and how that word evolved through the time periods. For example “Black Power” is a form of Pan-Africanism because it is a uniting movement for people of African American descent. “Black Lives Matter” is also another form of a Pan-African movement. This source was a great read and will help me to find other sources.

After more research I have narrowed the topic of my research to the invisibility of men with AIDS and how it has challenged the culture and Pan- Africanism of this society. My research questions are

1) There is an invisibility: AA men suffering from AIDS have been/are made “invisible” in some ways.

In what ways have they been “made” invisible? Why have they been made this way? By whom?

***What are the numbers: How many AA men had/have HIV/AIDS? Where? When? Who documented that information…

**What are the cultural attitudes about HIV/AIDS among AA men? Then and now? How have they evolved?

How does the quilt challenge this invisibility?