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April 23, 2018


While HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that affects every race and population around the globe, it is important to give help to the race that is most affected by this disease and that is the African American  ethnic group. In every category it seems that Black people are more affected and more prone to contract HIV/AIDS. From the problems of poverty, incarceration, awareness, drugs and sexual awareness African Americans lead in every category. These problems have existed since the beginning of the epidemic and although there have been advanced in the medical and technological fields, African American people do not have as much access as other ethnic groups.

The vicious cycle of poverty, drugs and incarceration lead to a devastating lifestyle in the African American community. This is one of the main reasons why the death rate and contraction rate of disease is higher among African American people. Drugs and poverty lead to incarceration and incarceration leads to drug and poverty. One mistake and the life of an African American person could change forever and become another statistic.

There needs to be a change within how we fight the AIDS epidemic. There needs to be a call for help and action within the government and the African American people. First there needs to be an acceptance of gay and bisexual people within the community and a spread of awareness of the disease. There also needs to be better living conditions and medicinal programs that allow for AIDS testing. Realizing that incarceration, poverty and drugs are some of the leading factors in contracting AIDS also needs to be recognized in order to slow the pace of the disease within the black community.

I hope this Analysis and website has been helpful and eye-opening to the struggles and inequality that the Black community faces especially in regards to AIDS.  Many people have tried speaking about it and using their work and music to try to show the struggles of the African American person but it continuously gets overlooked. This invisibility needs to be challenged and something needs to be done.

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